Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marvellus Lucas Stand-Up Comedy Blog

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       Marvellus Lucas Comedy Blog. My name is Marvellus Lucas and I am a stand-up comedian from San Francisco CA. I am a comedian and I also produce comedy shows. I love to keep the punchline going. I have put this blog together for a place of entertainment and comedian review. On this blog you can comment on the funniest jokes, funny videos, top comedians, youtube comedy, and live stand-up comedy. Marvellus Lucas comedy blog is where you can get your laugh on. On this blog I encourage you to drop one-liners and funny jokes in the post a comment section. However, it’s forbidden to use racial remarks on this comedy site. There will be a lot of top comedians that will stop by Marvellus Lucas Comedy Blog and say some of the funniest jokes and talk about stand-up comedy in San Francisco and the U.S.A. I also encourage comedians to post their up and coming comedy shows on the post a comment section.

         On Marvellus Lucas Comedy Blog, I will be teaching you how to create jokes out of anything you might see in life you want to make funny. Following this comedy blog you will have an opportunity to interact with professional comic from all over the world. I will be blogging humors stories because that’s the things comedians do.  I will also give tips on how to develop your stand-up comedy quickly. I will touch on topics like what do I talk about on stage, how can I get pass being nervous, how to come up with a joke  on any subject and how to come up with dynamite punch lines.
Marvelous Comedy Institute "MCI2"
COMING SOON: Instructors: Jabari Baraka Davis & Tony Sparks

You want to be a Comedian here are 5 tips. 

1. When you think about something funny or see something funny, write it down or record it. If you don’t I can almost promise you will forget. 
2. Learn the mechanics of a joke. Which are a seat up and then the punchline I won’t get into that right now but for God sakes learn what a seat up punch is. It’s a good habit to learn early in your journey of stand-up comedy.
3.  Once you a know how to seat a joke up and you have a few jokes, hit the open mic’s in your area. And work the jokes for conformation they are funny or until the joke or jokes are funny. Now you’re cooking
4. Here is a really good tip for your stand –up comedy growth and that is to always be video typing yourself or recording your open mic’s or showcase.
5. when you first start doing open mic’s and you’re not killing it like you do when your around you friends and family all that mean is you have to give it time “ DO NOT GIVE UP”  It’s defiantly  a learning curve to stand-up comedy. Our job is to make anything funny or at less we hope. lol
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Marvellus Lucas Comedy Blog is the kickoff of a syndication comedy Blogs. 

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Marvellus Lucas Comedy Blog

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